Extreme Growth in 2021 - SAP Implementation Partner

Dedicated SAP Recruitment specialists helping your business find the right SAP professionals on a global scale.

Focus on SAP were approached by a global SAP implementation partner in early 2020, during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

While it seemed the rest of the world was slowing down, this consultancy was speeding up, with business growth on their mind. This particular Consulting partner had searched for various SAP and SuccessFactors skills for several months with little success due to the niche skills they were seeking.

This lack of success in hiring the right people was holding them back from their business objectives. With lofty ambitions for 2021 and beyond, it was critical to have the right people in place sooner rather than later.

For this particular client, success came in the form of helping them grow their practice by more than 70 employees in 2021.

In the midst of the pandemic, we knew we had our hands full. Not only was this a colossal business-critical project, but the external global circumstances at the time meant that there were even more challenges to overcome when finding the right talent. We knew that a close, clear, and consistent line of communication was vital.

At the beginning of the project, we took time to determine what success looked like for the customer. We helped them understand where they could find success relatively quickly by identifying more abundant skills than others. A large part of the puzzle is understanding the SAP skills market at any given time, and with the ever-changing global situation, it can change rapidly.

Understanding the skills market enables the client to be as efficient as possible when making hiring decisions. By giving the client full access to our global network, we could quickly identify and shortlist candidates, saving them time and money.

At the time of writing (April 2021) Focus on SAP has been able to help this particular partner grow their SAP practice by more than 60 SAP professionals, each with various SAP skills within a 12 month period.

The key to this particular relationship is transparency, trust, and communication. Quick and efficient decisions have meant no candidates have missed out due to a flawed, elongated recruitment process which is often a significant factor in hiring process dropouts.